A wide spectrum nanotechnological flavonoid complex
The Flavin77 PremiumLife IONOFORCE is a special high-quality product that contains the most physiologically efficient species of the herbal world ground to nano size.


Based on genetic and epidemiological research findings
The ingredients of Flavin77 PremiumLife IONOFORCE was determined based on meta-analysis of genetic traits in the human population.

Three main areas of study were in focus, the genes enhancing the lifespan of our cells, the genes suppressing the development of cardiovascular and cancerous diseases. The composition of the products are based on the function of these genes and the results of research of the useful materials and mechanisms that regulate them.

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A. Ember et al., 2009, In Vivo. Nov-Dec 2009;23(6):975-8. PMID: 20023242

The plant-derived natural compound Flavin 7 attenuates oxidative stress in cultured renal proximal tubule cells

Background: Cancer therapies and cancer progression can increase oxidative stress that might account for renal toxicity in cancer patients. Flavin 7 (F7) is a natural polyphenol-containing dietary supplement with potential antioxidant activity. Therefore, it might help to attenuate renal toxicity of chemotherapeutics.

Materials and methods: Cultured mouse renal proximal tubule cells were subjected to H2O2-mediated oxidative stress. Potential antioxidant effects of F7 were assessed by measuring the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), mitochondrial depolarization and injury (lactate dehydrogenase release as well as trypan blue exclusion) in cells that were pretreated with F7 prior to treatment with H2O2.

Results: F7 pretreatment significantly attenuated H2O2-induced ROS production, mitochondrial depolarization and consequent injury in renal proximal tubule cells.

Conclusion: F7 supplementation might be beneficial for cancer patients in order to prevent renal toxicity of anticancer drug- or cancer progression-related oxidative stress.

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Enhanced absorption
Because of the new technology, absorption through the mucosa in the oral cavity is much more efficient than with traditional formulations.


Antiviral ionophore effect
Ionophore zinc replenishment, antiviral effect within the cells.


Other antiviral properties
Inhibition of viral infection and reproduction and prevention of post-COVID symptoms.


Flavin77 Premium
A wide spectrum antioxidant product with increased active ingredient content.

Presentation: 250ml, 500ml
Dosage: 10-20ml/day
Flavin77 PremiumLife
Our exclusive premium product with the highest active ingredient content for our premium consumers.

Presentation: 250ml, 500ml
Dosage: 10-20ml/day
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